Company goals

  • Development of investment opportunities in countries with high potential for the growth of the transport industry
  • Strengthen and enhance the scientific and technical information of corporate managers and staff through training courses at home and abroad and encourage them to understand the main goals of the company.
  • Introduction of Iran’s potential, capabilities and facilities to neighboring countries as the best, shortest and cheapest way of transportation and transit of goods, as well as introduction of facilities to Iranian exporters and importers.
  • Provision of services and support in the field of transportation in order to compete with the countries of the region
  • Equip all trucks covered by the company with satellite devices such as G.P.S
  • Follow up the slogan “customer satisfaction” through doing specialized activities and gaining their trust
  • Creation of special warehouses for keeping goods under customs supervision at the ports of entry and exit of the country

To provide transport services advanced, carrier Persia October and to take advantage of skilled professionals and experienced colleague as shipping companies and international air transport services, with the aim of carriage of goods by air has also committed .

Iran is one of the numberable countries that play a very important role in the East, West, and South-North corridors due to access to free waters and the strategic geographically sensitive region. Therefore, Pershia Mahro Co., with its experienced and accountable personnel, is prepared to provide services to the owners of the goods as follows:

Iran is a Western Asian country in the Middle East, as well as Central Asia and the Caucasus. Iran borders Armenia, Azerbaijan (including the Nakhchivan republic) and Turkmenistan in the north, Afghanistan and Pakistan in the east and west and Turkey.

Our company has more than a decade of brilliant background in this field and having specialized and experienced staff in all customs services, has provided the following services for the owners of the Commodity.

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Pershia Mahro Transportation and Trading Group started its activity with the goal of providing international freight transportation services with the establishment of Pershia Mahro Company. After 13 years of service and providing the most valuable services and attraction of the main share of the market,

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