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Please contact us for guidance and any questions with the following numbers

Tel: 4-88481950-021
Fax: 7-88708316-021
Mobile: 09127118689
Export – Telegram: 09365796919  PersiaMahroExport
Import – Telegram: 09128481953 PersiaMahroImport
Import – Email: PMAHRO@YAHOO.COM

    International Shipping Company Persia Mahro
    Pema international shipping company
    International Shipping Company Tir Tash Rah
    Tabriz Tir Shipping Company
    • Tabriz, Resalat St, Kowsar Commercial Complex, No 564, Floor 1

    • 04134484473

    International freight forwarding company Ershad Tarbar Pars
    • Tabriz, Jahad Square, 22 Bahman st, Setareh Baran Commercial Complex, Unit 60