Iran is one of the largest countries in the world with an area of ​​about 1,648,198 square kilometers. And this patchwork has made Iran geographically unique in its own

Iran is a Western Asian country in the Middle East, as well as Central Asia and the Caucasus. Iran borders Armenia, Azerbaijan (including the Nakhchivan republic) and Turkmenistan in the north, Afghanistan and Pakistan in the east and west and Turkey.

These features make it a transit bridge between Iran and the East as a bridge between East and West.

In Iran, like many other countries, is the predominant mode of transportation on the road, and the share of this method in the movement of goods within the country is about 85%, which alone indicates the importance of goods by land.

Due to the vastness of our country, road transport, unlike many other areas of relative concentration, makes it difficult to organize and monitor this factor, and as a result of the accuracy, diligence and effort of the visa and more will be required. Because the difficulties caused by the nature of this work will not carry carriers and eliminate responsibility and accountability to customers.

Artin Tarabar Company has a powerful fleet of the newest and best vehicles (in accordance with international standards) has strong and up-to-date communications of the active branches in the ports of entry and exit of Iran, Asian and European countries and … to realize the above mentioned authors and eliminate intermediary agents. In order to reduce costs we are ready to provide services to respected businessmen.

  1. Carriage of goods to European countries, countries with the same interests, Afghanistan, Turkey, Syria and Lebanon
  2. Carriage in different ways (crush-bucket)
  3. Transportation of the exported and imported goods for the purposes mentioned
  4. Internal and external transit of all Iranian customs
  5. Transportation of domestic goods all over Iran

Land transportation services

Pershia Mahro Transportation and Trading Group

started its activity with the goal of providing international freight transportation services with the establishment of Pershia Mahro Company. After 13 years of service and providing the most valuable services and attraction of the main share of the market, in order to provide the best possible services to our customers and with a specialist view of the procedures and different markets for carriage of goods, we have established 6 active and reputed companies in the field of transportation and Transportation, customs and customs services.