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­Provision of services and support in the field of transportation in order to compete with the countries of the region

International Transportation Company

Pershia Mahro Transportation and Trading Group started its activity with the goal of providing international freight transportation services with the establishment of Pershia Mahro Company. After 13 years of service and providing the most valuable services and attraction of the main share of the market, in order to provide the best possible services to our customers and with a specialist view of the procedures and different markets for carriage of goods, we have established 6 active and reputed companies in the field of transportation and Transportation, customs and customs services.

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Carry delivery in different ways. All customs operations with qualified personnel from registration to clearance. Obtaining a permit for entry and exit of transit goods and transit of imported goods

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Pershia Mahro Company, which is the founder of Pershia Mahro Group International Transportation and Marketing Group, initiated its activities with the transport of 500 transit container transshipment companies and, by setting customer satisfaction and discipline, quickly became a major contributor From the shipping market. With the advancement of the goals of the company in recent years, it has been able to expand its activities by establishing a number of domestic, foreign and commercial companies, with the establishment of representative offices in all provinces of the country. The chart below shows the cargo shipments by Pershia Mahro Group for the recent years.

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    FBL FIATA Bill of Lading

    The FIATA Bill of Lading serves as a shipping contract and a proof that the goods have been carried with the use of more than one mode of transportation. It also determines the responsibility of the freight forwarder.

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    بارنامه FBL

    بارنامه حمل مرکب چند وجهی فیاتا مهم‌ترین سندی است که فیاتا در اختیار اعضای خود قرار داده است. این بارنامه تنها سندی است که به دلیل تطبیق شرایط آن با مقررات متحدالشکل اسناد حمل ترکیبی اتاق بازرگانی بین‌المللی مورد تایید این اتاق قرار گرفته است. بارنامه حمل مرکب چند وجهی فیاتا سندی است قابل معامله و دال بر تحویل کالا و حمل آن با استفاده از وسایل مختلف حمل از مبدأ تا مقصد تعیین شده است.

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    IRU Organisation

    We lead solutions to help the world move better, supporting trade, economic growth, jobs, safety, the environment and communities. IRU’s work spans more than 100 countries. Our core constituents are national transport associations and transport operators.

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