To provide transport services advanced, carrier Persia October and to take advantage of skilled professionals and experienced colleague as shipping companies and international air transport services, with the aim of carriage of goods by air has also committed .

Persia Mehro Shipment Company is one of the best-selling companies for the internationally accredited international freight forwarding and cargo services company, providing air freight services and international freight shipping.

In this regard, Persia Mahro Shipment Company has established branches in different cities of the country. As a result, Persia Shipment Company has become one of the most reputed and reputed transportation companies in international transportation services. Logistics is quality. As a contracting party, you can send us your shipment, then the invoice will be issued for the carriage of your goods. After that, we can deliver your goods to the address provided inside and outside the country. With many years of experience, we will surely send you the requested goods quickly and high quality to anywhere in the world.

Facilities and scope of activity in the air transportation services sector:

  • Provide quality air freight services in the shortest possible time at reasonable and reasonable prices
  • Insurance of Iran Air’s domestic bill of lading, plus other quality air quality services such as collecting, packing, shipping and distribution of documents and goods and passenger shipments as soon as possible.
  • Supply and provision of customs services in the field of export and import plus cargo transportation by air
  • Provide quality packaging services

Air transportation services

Pershia Mahro Transportation and Trading Group

started its activity with the goal of providing international freight transportation services with the establishment of Pershia Mahro Company. After 13 years of service and providing the most valuable services and attraction of the main share of the market, in order to provide the best possible services to our customers and with a specialist view of the procedures and different markets for carriage of goods, we have established 6 active and reputed companies in the field of transportation and Transportation, customs and customs services.