Today, according regard to the volume of goods exchanges and visitors, it is evident that customs clearance is considered a type of occupation due to the importance of time and costs.

Our company has more than a decade of brilliant background in this field and having specialized and experienced staff in all customs services, has provided the following services for the owners of the Commodity.

  1. Consultation on customs clearance and clearance of all customs in the country
  2. Providing services in various fields of domestic and foreign trade
  3. Getting a license for order registration, opening a credit, issuing permits, inspection, health and …
  4. Tracking customs disputes, warehousing, packaging and …

Commodity clearance services

Pershia Mahro Transportation and Trading Group

started its activity with the goal of providing international freight transportation services with the establishment of Pershia Mahro Company. After 13 years of service and providing the most valuable services and attraction of the main share of the market, in order to provide the best possible services to our customers and with a specialist view of the procedures and different markets for carriage of goods, we have established 6 active and reputed companies in the field of transportation and Transportation, customs and customs services.