Tir Tash Rah International Transportation Company

Iran is one of the countries that plays a very important role in the East, West and South-North corridors due to access to free waters and the strategic geographic location of the region. Therefore, the Tir Tash Rah Road and Marine Transportation Company with the registration number 104034 in 2004(1383 helical) was established to benefit from this goddamn blessing. The company is equipped with experienced and competent personnel and 120 realtors and rents ready to render services to the owners of the goods as follows:

  1. . Carting container shipments to all major ports of the world
  2. . Carting Container shipments from all over the world to Bandar Abbas

Address: Tehran, Saei Park, Borj Sarv Saei, floor 18, No 1802

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