Tir system

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The convention, known as the 1975 Rev., consists of 64 articles and 9 supplements.

This system covers the whole of Europe, North Africa, the Near East and the Middle East. The United States and Canada, as well as Chile and Uruguay, are members of the convention in South America.

Tir system may also be used for the transport of goods by rail and internal waterways, provided that one part of the journey by road is carried out.

According to the Convention, the transit of goods from a point of origin to a point in the destination customs through the territory and other countries that are required to pass without customs inspection along the route is allowed. Of course, this passage without inspection requires the specified measures beforehand as follows:

  • Seal the vehicle carrying goods at the customs
  • Implementation of protective instructions for any container or container, in order to prevent any smuggling.
  • Covering any security risks and customs duties during the trip.

For the purpose of a series of international safeguards covered by this Convention, the most important and most reliable of these guarantees has been arranged by the IRU in Geneva. In the Islamic Republic of Iran, the guarantor organization is the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines, which provides transport companies with Carnegie Pass facilities by providing guarantees to the sponsoring organization.

The Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines of Iran, known as the only guarantor and exporter of carne arc in Iran, is known in accordance with Article 6 of the TIR Convention, and has a customs duty of up to $ 50,000 per item per cartel against the customs, or The equivalent of the rial equivalent is the guarantor of the payment of customs duties, commercial profits, duties and offenses resulting from any violation and delay, and the room is required to pay the funds within three months from the date of claiming.

The execution of the  Tir contract and issuance of the acceptance certificate for the ground vehicles used in the international transportation of roads is the responsibility of the Iranian Customs and through the General Directorate of Transit Supervision, the strict implementation of the contract in the customs of the country is monitored.

Thus, relying on the contract of transportation of goods with the maximum possible facilities:

  • Sealed in containers and vehicles
  • From the customs office of the country of origin to the customs office of destination country
  • No costly and time-consuming border checks in the middle of the country
  • The price is right
  • At the same time, special care and security systems are provided

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